TBLOC s.r.l. proposes different models of roofing tiles making machines and complete plants - for the production of coloured concrete roofing tiles, starting from small and manual solutions and semiautomatic plants up to high tech - fully automatic complete lines.


The main advantages resulting by the use of tiles making machines are:

  • high quality of coloured concrete roofing tiles;
  • high speed production;
  • hydraulic and mechanic components projected to simplify the maintenance operations and at the mean time to do easy and fast interventions without the presence of specialized technicians;
  • combined action of pressure and extrusion gives products an high resistance;
  • die-cast aluminium moulds;
  • availability of local raw materials.


The tiles machines / plants which  are the first step of interest with a non-continuous process of production (moulds push - stop - cut) by extrusion, have a production capacity per 8 hours from 1000 to 8000 roofing tiles and they are the series TB 300 - TB 600 - TB 900.

Every machine / plant can be completed by the supply of devices for fittings and special productions.


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Roofing Tiles Machine TB 300

Roofing Tiles Machine TB 600
Roofing Tiles Machine  TB 900
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