TBLOC s.r.l. proposes a large range of stationary and egg-layer block making machines, manual and semiautomatic, for the production of concrete elements.


The main qualities of the block making machines are the combination of:

  • extra solid monolithic frame protected from vibrations by special anti-vibrations devices;
  • hydraulic and mechanic components projected to simplify the maintenance operations and at the mean time to do easy and fast interventions without the presence of specialized technicians;
  • a combined action of calibrated pressure and vibration gives to products an high resistance;
  • double guides on mould and tamper assure a perfect alignment and a constant products height on the whole demoulding area;
  • moulds, constructed by first quality anti-wear Swedish hard steel, produced by CNC machines and treated by our exclusive method of hardening for high performances and long durability, they are very easy and quickly to change by few and simple operations, assuring the change of production without loss of time.



Machines and complete plants for the production of concrete elements with height from 6 to 25/30/35 cm (interlocking pavers, hollow and solid blocks, ceiling blocks, decorative elements, kerb stones, etc.). The production of concrete elements is on wooden boards.

The stationary block machines are divided in 2 different series:

series B: coming from small hydraulic and manual stationary machines, up to hydraulic machines  assisted by operator on command panel, with a medium production capacity.

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Stationary Block Machine B 55 H

Stationary Block Machine B 60 H

Stationary Block Machine B 60 TEC

series Chydraulic and semiautomatic stationary complete lines, equipped by different solutions for handling the wooden boards loaded with wet / dry concrete products.

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Stationary Block Machine C 90
Stationary Block Machine C 110
Stationary Block Machine C 110 S



series MICmobile machines for the production of all concrete elements with height up to to 20/30/35 cm .  The machines MIC 100 and MIC 300 are polyvalent and suitable for theproductio of pavers, solid and hollow blocks, ceiling blocks, kerb stones, decorative elements, water drains, etc.; they can be equipped as optional by a steel plate for the production on board.

The main characteristic of model MIC 300 is the possibility to install a special device for the production of pavers and kerbs with a double layer.

Click on the photos to download the technical details !


Mobile Block Machine MIC 60
Mobile Block Machine MIC 100
Mobile Block Machine MIC 300
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