TBLOC s.r.l. is a family owned company with more than 50 years of experience in the sector of construction and supply of machines, complete plants and accessories for the production of concrete elements.


Nowadays TBLOC s.r.l.. is one of proved leading company all around the world, with a capillary net of representatives, agents and distributors of its products by the guarantee of the Made in Italy


The range of TBLOC s.r.l. products is divided in 2 different purposes:





Block making Machines (egg-layers and stationaries) for the production of concrete elements by vibro-press process (hollow and solid blocks, ceiling blocks, kerb stones, pavers, etc.);



Roofing Tiles Making Machines for the production of coloured concrete roofing tiles by press-extrusion process, with capacity from 1000 up to 50000 tile per 8 hours, complete of a large range of accessories, fitting production equipments and automatizations.


Finally TBLOC s.r.l. also supplies batching and mixing plants using different capacities and models of planetary mixers for the production of quality concrete.

Thanks to its dynamic reality,  TBLOC s.r.l. is a significant example that has achieved the large diffusion and appreciation of its products everywhere:  the above has allowed a big diffusion of TBLOC s.r.l. machines  in all foreign market where a large part of the production is regularly exported.


The company point-of-force is its after-sales service and assistance giving the guarantee of continuity in the supply of spare parts all around the world and the presence of a technical team, specialized in the installation and start-up of plants on client site and the training of local operators.


TBLOC s.r.l. is active at international level following and covering every market request and serving the final users at the best.






The company target is the clients satistaction,

starting from the project till its complete replica watches and final realisation.

For these reasons TBLOC s.r.l.  is meaning now Technology and Passion.

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